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When you enjoy your gourmet Japanese cuisine at Sakura Garden in Glastonbury you can dine at the base of the Mt. Fuji portrait at the sushi bar where two white uniformed chefs are continuously preparing fusion sushi right before your eyes. If your preference is for soft glowing candlelight and overhead crystal lights along with soft blue light streaming from under the sushi bar with Mt. Fiji in the distance, choose the booths in the dining area. (There are two round more private booth areas also.)

On the other hand, if you would enjoy relaxing in the bar, the huge glass panorama of the New York skyline with many recognizable points of interest like the Bridge and the Statue of Liberty is unique. There are also four wide screen televisions There are also modern designs to view in the colorful glass panels on the side. Special martinis, Japanese soda, and the usual full service assortment of drinks are created by the friendly upbeat bartender.

If you still are undecided about this high class restaurant, you can choose the hibachi which seats 18 to a table and the whole area seats 100. Here the talented chefs provide family fun and entertainment as they cook. Some chefs do magic or sing or just entertain. (Reservations are accepted for 6 or more people in the party.)

No matter where you choose to sit, all of the menu items are available from the eager to please wait staff. Take out is available also.

Our party of three had three appetizers: Vegetable half moon shaped pan fried dumplings and Pork Gyoza dumplings, Beef Negamaki which is broiled sliced steak rolled beef with fresh scallion smothered in teriyaki sauce and Rock Shrimp Tempura which is sweet rock shrimp deep fat fried with spicy aioli sauce. All were presented artistically on the plates with appropriate garnishes of fine julienne carrot strips and green herbs. One could easily see they were created by an artistic chef.

For the kitchen entrees we had Black Cod Miso: black cod marinated in sweet miso with garnishes of eggplant. In our initial introduction to Japanese steakhouse food adventure, my husband chose Atlantic Meets Pacific which is jumbo gulf shrimp surrounding Asian pan fried spinach, served in a delicious miso cream sauce which he loved. Accompanying this was miso soup.

I ordered a Sakura Lunch Box which included miso soup, salad, shrimp shumai, California rolls and salmon. This was served in a square dish with compartments for shrimp shumai, rolls, and salmon. One could see it was a lunch box!

For dessert we shared a gourmet chocolate mousse which was beautifully garnished with tender loving care. We sipped hot Japanese tea for both meals. There is a Hibachi menu starting at four-thirty o’clock but we were there for lunch.

A children’s menu for children 12 or under is available.

A caring friendly wait staff is ready for your arrival to enjoy not only all the delectable taste treats but also atmosphere whether it will be served at the foot of Mount Fiji, soft candle light and colorful crystal lighting, at the New York skyline or at the fun hibachi. Of course, you can enjoy the Sakura Garden Japanese Steakhouse food in the privacy of your home.

120 Hebron Ave. Glastonbury, CT 06033. Phone: 860-430-5600. Fax: 860-430-5601. Email: comments@sakuragardencuisine.com

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